The Great Outs'mores was a logo and package design project completed my junior year of my undergraduate degree at Keene State College, Fall 2012. Students were asked to create a logo and packaging for a fictional gourmet candy company. 
The Great Outs'mores is a fun twist on the classic camp fire s'mores. A teepee fire structure inspired package design that includes chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, with gourmet flavored chocolate, and marshmallows. In addition to its tasty contents, it also includes instructions on how to properly build a camp fire, with intention to use the pretzel sticks as a way to practice. 
After coming up with a concept, I wanted the logo to be simple, elegant, and eye catching. I was able to force connect the shapes of a camp fire with the imagery of a marshmallow stick. The two complemented each other very well, and formed a mark that is eye catching and elegant. 

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